Sailing in the Biesbosch

The Biesbosch is not only a Valhalla for nature lovers, but also for lovers of boating. The Biesbosch is really a beautiful sailing area and is ideal for beautiful day trips and sailing holidays. With easy to steer motor yachts and knowledge of the most beautiful sailing areas in the Biesbosch, Dutch Yacht Rentals makes everyone possible.

The most beautiful sailing areas

The maze of creeks, rivers and mouths make the Biesbosch the perfect place to sail through. Here you can enjoy all the beauty that this unique nature reserve has to offer. Beavers, Bald eagles, hundreds of species of (water) birds and many other flora and fauna can all be found in the Biesbosch.

You can sail through it in one day, but you can also easily stay for several days. There are various ports on both the east and west sides that are certainly worth a visit. The old fortress of Heusden, the picturesque Drimmelen and the marina of Strijen-Sas are good examples of this. In short: there is plenty to discover and see here.

Luxury motor yacht sailing without a license

Dutch Yacht Rentals makes sailing in the Biesbosch possible for everyone. We only rent luxury motor yachts that are comfortable and fully equipped. No license or other official document is required for driving. This allows both an experienced and an inexperienced person to enjoy a wonderful boat trip through the Biesbosch. Do you want more information about our motor yachts? View detailed descriptions per Linssen Grand sturdy here.

Plan your day trip in the Biesbosch

A relaxed day of sailing in the Biesbosch starts with Dutch Yacht Rentals. With our route planner you can easily plan your route. In addition, we can also tell you everything about the various options. Do you want to know more? Contact us by calling 0168 – 226004 or by sending an email to You can of course also use our contact form. We do our utmost to help you as quickly as possible.