North Brabant

Sailing area North-Brabant

Brabant and water … Not everyone’s most logical association. But if you look closely, you will see that Brabant has much more beautiful water than you would first expect!

Our home port in Willemstad may be on the edge of the Delta, but it is really one of the corners of the province of Noord-Brabant. The southern part of the Hollandsch Diep is therefore Brabant, but especially the incredibly beautiful river area south of Willemstad (and beyond) is more than worth exploring! Many small rivers that lead to villages and towns such as Breda, Oosterhout, Steenbergen or Tilburg can all fit into a beautiful route. Partly about old winding rivers, partly about old and new canals that connect these authentic places with each other. And with various “reopenings” of inland ports of smaller and larger villages and towns filled in in the past, the range of nice stopping places will only increase in the coming period.

A boating holiday in Brabant is therefore the ideal combination of nature, tranquility and Brabant cosiness and hospitality!