The fortified town of Willemstad spoils its visitors with a special combination of historical and culinary hospitality with numerous nice restaurants. Particularly interesting in terms of cultural history: the Mauritshuis, the Koepelkerk, the old town hall and the fortifications surrounding the city. And challenging through the rugged landscape, for example around the Hollandsch Diep. The marina provides a perfect base for your cruise.


An der Mündung der Oosterschelde ist er für viele ein Wahrzeichen: der stumpfe Turm von Zierikzee. Der lange Versorgungskanal hat am Ende eine große Hochwasserschleuse, die die Stadt immer noch vor Hochwasser und Stürmen schützt. Zierikzee ist eine lebhafte Stadt, und der Hafen der Passanten liegt in Schussdistanz zu vielen Terrassen, Geschäften und Restaurants. Natürlich kann man hier auch die vielen "salzigen Köstlichkeiten" genießen und es werden viele Muscheln oder Oosterschelde-Hummer gegessen.


Diese größere Stadt ist die Hauptstadt der Provinz, und hier ist viel mehr los. Es ist nicht nur eine schöne alte Festungsstadt, lange bevor Amsterdam Middelburg das Handelszentrum der Nördlichen Niederlande war, sondern aufgrund seiner zentralen Lage gibt es heute viel zu tun und zu erleben. Es werden regelmäßig lustige Märkte organisiert, wie z.B. ein Kunst-, Antiquitäten- und Kunsthandwerksmarkt, ein Antiquariat, ein Buchmarkt, ein Flohmarkt und ein Nachtmarkt. Besuchen Sie eines der Museen oder machen Sie einen geführten Stadtrundgang.




Aire sur la Lys

Air sur la Lys, an almost exotic name in French, is an ancient fortified city located on the French part of the Lys. Strategically located, it has been coveted and conquered by many nobles and princes throughout the centuries. It is a delightful place to live among the monumental buildings with the French "joie-de-vivre".


Dunkirque is another of those famous harbour towns. Like many of the ports on the north coast of France, this one combines maritime industry and old remnants of many centuries of trade and commerce. The region has an almost "northern" atmosphere because Flanders extended it's reign here for many decades. Quite "un-French" things in customs, food and the local dialect still mark this.





This town on the river IJzer has existed since the early Middle Ages and has amassed a tumultuous existence over the centuries. Best known in the history books is probably the Battle of Nieuwpoort in 1600, in the fights between the Republic of the Netherlands and the Spanish occupiers. Nowadays, the town is divided into the part around the harbour with its many charming restaurants and cafés and Nieuwpoort-Bad where many Belgians come to enjoy the beach.


The super cosy seaside resort Ostend is located on the West Flemish coast. Its first traces go back as far as the 8th century and in the times since then, the city and its surroundings have gone through a lot. It played an important role in the many wars that raged in this region during the Middle Ages, but never flourished as much as nearby port cities. Nowadays, it is a busy seaside resort with super-fun streets around the old Mercator dock.



Vlissingen, harbour town on the Westerschelde, has the longest sea promenade in the Netherlands, here you can almost touch the passing sea ships. Under the Spanish, new defences were built around the town, the Keizersbolwerk was built between 1548 and 1552, which can still be seen today next to today's Koopmanshaven. Dutch naval hero Michiel de Ruyter keeps an eye here, he worked his way up to become commander-in-chief of the Dutch fleet and won many sea battles. With the beach and sea within easy reach, Vlissingen is a lovely place to take in the fresh sea air.


We land in the cradle of the Zealand oyster: Yerseke (pronounced "ierseke"). Even for those who are not necessarily culinary adepts, this place is absolutely worth a visit. The oyster museum and the explanation about the cultivation of this "salty gold" is fun for everyone. And if you are a fan of mussels, this port is of course an absolute "must". Salt and Zeeland really get their physical shape here!