Guernsey & Normandy

Deze laatste etappe van onze zomervloot over de Noordzee brengt ons eerst van Bretagne naar het oosten door de baaien van de Kanaaleilanden. Na een bezoek aan deze prachtige eilanden steken we het Kanaal over en verkennen we de omgeving van Cowes op het Isle of Wight en de zuidoostkust van Engeland. De “standaard” oversteek van het Kanaal van Ramsgate naar de Belgische kust brengt ons terug naar vast Europees land. Langzaam hoogwaardige culinaire hoogstandjes uit België het zal geen straf zijn om langzaam de thuishaven weer te naderen.

  • Sportive
Waterway type: 
  • Adventurous
Travel time: 
  • 3 Week

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This major French port has been bustling with activity for many centuries. It is a real seaport with many faces. We moor in one of the marinas close to the centre of the old town.


Die Kanalinseln sind seit 5000 v. Chr. von Menschen bewohnt. Wegen ihrer strategischen Lage wurden die Inseln von vielen Monarchen begehrt. Eine Geschichte, die fast überall zu finden ist, so auch auf Guernsey. Durch die besondere Lage herrscht hier ein ganz anderes Klima und man wähnt sich eher an der Cote d'Azur als an einer englischen Küste.


St Malo


This port town forms the northernmost border of the bay of the famous Mont Saint Michel. It is situated on an impressive coastline, partly formed by cliffs and partly by long beaches. Its rich history is not to be missed,


On the south coast of Normandy lies the small tidal port of Diëlette. From here, ferries leave for the various Channel Islands and we also make a stop here on our route northwards.


Located in the county of Dorset, Bournemouth is one of the most south-westerly places we visit. We approach Poole harbour via the Brownsea Roads and find our way to the harbour.


If there is one "Mecca" in Europe for competitive sailing, it is the famous Isle of Wight and the town of Cowes. Set in the beautiful waters of the Solent, it is the home port of the famous Cowes Week. A regatta with allure that attracts sailors from all over the world. But even with our yachts, it is a more than pleasant place to be.


One of the most famous coastal towns on the east coast of England is Brighton. Especially the characteristic pier, but also the old city centre are visited and praised by many.


This coastal town is also a regular stop for many who explore the English coast. A large marina, but also an authentic city centre show how long this has been. The beautiful pier with its golden dome is also worth a visit.


With an almost mythical status, Dover is probably one of the best known port towns on the east coast of England. But as well as being one of the largest ferry and transhipment ports, it is also well worth a visit on a pleasure yacht.


The super cosy seaside resort Ostend is located on the West Flemish coast. Its first traces go back as far as the 8th century and in the times since then, the city and its surroundings have gone through a lot. It played an important role in the many wars that raged in this region during the Middle Ages, but never flourished as much as nearby port cities. Nowadays, it is a busy seaside resort with super-fun streets around the old Mercator dock.


Vlissingen, harbour town on the Westerschelde, has the longest sea promenade in the Netherlands, here you can almost touch the passing sea ships. Under the Spanish, new defences were built around the town, the Keizersbolwerk was built between 1548 and 1552, which can still be seen today next to today's Koopmanshaven. Dutch naval hero Michiel de Ruyter keeps an eye here, he worked his way up to become commander-in-chief of the Dutch fleet and won many sea battles. With the beach and sea within easy reach, Vlissingen is a lovely place to take in the fresh sea air.


We land in the cradle of the Zealand oyster: Yerseke (pronounced "ierseke"). Even for those who are not necessarily culinary adepts, this place is absolutely worth a visit. The oyster museum and the explanation about the cultivation of this "salty gold" is fun for everyone. And if you are a fan of mussels, this port is of course an absolute "must". Salt and Zeeland really get their physical shape here!