South Holland lakes and rivers

Sailing area South Holland lakes and rivers

Sailing in South Holland is often associated with the large open water of the old sea arms in the Delta. There is only so much more beautiful water! Through places like Dordrecht and rivers such as the Hollandse IJssel or right through Rotterdam and Delft, many nice lakes and lakes in the Green Heart can be reached. You can also enjoy sailing in The Hague, Leiden or Gouda. Winding rivers, old peat bog with small islands and recreational scaffolding, there is something to experience everywhere. We will tell you more about the options.

Sailing in beautiful, authentic cities

Sailing in cities such as The Hague, Leiden and Gouda is a unique experience. These cities are full of authentic buildings, historic sites and bustling tourist spots. In The Hague, Leiden and Gouda you can relax by sailing through the beautiful old canals. From here the view of the city is really beautiful. You can easily moor at any time and choose one of the many bars and restaurants for a delicious lunch and a good cup of coffee.

Boating Reeuwijk lakes

Near Gouda, The Hague and Rotterdam are the lakes of Nieuwkoop and Reeuwijk. They are part of the Groene Hart of Holland and a real mecca for nature lovers and boating enthusiasts. Sailing in the Reeuwijk lakes is particularly relaxing due to the extensive polders and beautiful nature reserves. In terms of nature, there is so much to discover here that you will certainly enjoy it. The Groene Hart is central to the cities and major tourist attractions. From the Reeuwijk lakes you can easily sail to cities such as The Hague and Gouda. You can really go either way.

Sailing on the Kaag

Do you want to sail on the Kaag? Then you will sail through the oldest water sports area in the Netherlands. De Kaag is the absolute cradle and is one of the most popular water sport locations in the country. The nature reserve from Leiden to Haarlemmermeer offers endless possibilities. Whether you want to float wonderfully in the literal sea of ​​space or plan a sailing route; sailing on the Kaag is definitely worth it!

Use the route planner, or contact us

Do you want to sail a day in cities such as The Hague and Gouda? Do you want to connect a visit to one of these cities to sailing on the Kaag or the Reeuwijk lakes? The route planner helps you make the right choices. Whether you want a break for a day, a weekend or for a longer period; your adventure starts at Dutch Yacht Rentals. Need more help planning the route for your adventure on the water? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, because we are happy to tell you everything about the possibilities. We are available by phone on 0168 – 226004 and by e-mail at