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With the route planner you can plan the best routes for your week trip, weekend excursion or beautiful boating holiday with one of our motor yachts. Destinations such as Zealand and Rotterdam are within easy reach from our home port in Willemstad. The map below shows you a small selection of various beautiful routes possible from our home port.
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The Netherlands is surrounded by water and each region has its own hotspots. Enough to think about and choose from. The route planner will help you. With this selection tool you can easily filter your wishes. For example, are you looking for a trip with lots of natural beauty? Then tick the “Nature” option and we will show you the most beautiful routes full of flora and fauna. Are you travelling with the whole family and should the routes be child-friendly and adventurous? Then also check the options “Children” and “Adventurous”. The route planner shows the routes that best suit your wishes.

Read more about your next itinerary

Based on your specific wishes, the most suitable route is displayed in the route planner. If you click on this navigation route, you can read all about it in a new tab. Read, for example, what the relaxed route of the Brabant hinterland has to offer you.