The address in the southwest of Holland for your luxury boating holiday with a Linssen motor yacht.

Dutch Yacht Rentals is an official charter partner of Linssen Yachtcharters, the Linssen Boating Holidays Group. These high quality motor yachts are known for their high construction quality, luxurious equipment, very comfortable and spacious interior and uncomplicated sailing qualities.
As a partner in the Linssen Boating Holidays programme, you are assured of the highest quality and service and you will be able to spend your holiday as comfortably as possible.

Our fleet of (very) young, mostly as good as new, motor yachts, awaits you to come and enjoy a relaxed cruise through the beautiful and varied area.

Click on the yacht of your choice for a complete presentation of the ship.

Nautical pleasure

Yacht charter in Holland from our beautiful homeport Willemstad: set your course, let the wind blow through your hair and enjoy the most beautiful waters in the south and west of Holland.

Cruise ahead and discover the most wondeful scenery with our luxury motor yachts from the old fortified town of Willemstad. Discover the variation in waterways offered in the delta of Zeeland and South Holland, the riverine area of Brabant or immerse yourself in the extensive natural beauty of national reserve The Biesbosch.
Embark on one of our luxurious Linssen yacht charters and experience the variety and diversity in an oasis of peace, comfort and space!


The boating area

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