Boating holiday in the Netherlands

Experience the ultimate sense of freedom when sailing on the open water. Boating holidays in the Netherlands are gaining popularity and that is not without reason! The Dutch summers have been blessed with less rain and sunny days. Adding to that, the Netherlands offers a lot of natural splendors. What better way to enjoy all that on one of our luxurious yachts.

Vaarvakantie Nederland

Yacht charter for a luxury holiday in the Netherlands

Rent a luxurious yacht at Dutch Yacht Rentals for a wonderful weekend or week of sailing in the Netherland. Our fleet consists of several luxury motor yachts, fitted out with modern interiors and equipment. We guaranty a comfortable and luxuries stay onboard. This way, you can fully relax and enjoy your time on the Dutch waters. When may we welcome you aboard?

Rent a yacht at Dutch Yacht Rentals

Are you planning a boating holiday in the Netherland? Do you still have some doubts regarding the type of yacht you would like to rent? Dutch Yacht Rentals offers a large variety of luxury yachts. We are an official partner of the Linssen Boating Group. All our yachts are built and fitted-out by the market leader in motor yacht building. As a result, our yachts are very spacious and offer a lot of comfort. You are assured of the highest level of quality and service while aboard our motor yachts. To meet your wishes, each yacht has its own capacity and rental price.

Vaarvakantie Nederland

Departures from Willemstad

Dutch Yacht Rentals is located in the port of the Dutch city Willemstad. Willemstad is centrally located when you want to reach the open water. Therefore, it is an ideal place to start your boating holiday. You can easily reach all major rivers and beaches. The province of Zeeland and the world-famous ‘Delta Werken’ are just a stone’s throw away. Adding to that, if you sail upstream, you can explore the beautiful nature reserve ‘De Biesbosch.’