Around the southern Isles

Few know the various islands, small and large, that the province of South Holland is rich in. And with a luxurious Linssen yacht, you are sure to enjoy it!

Depending on your wishes, this tour can be sailed in a longer or shorter time and offers many possibilities to extend or shorten it.
We sail along beautiful nature, small villages and extensive fields. There is plenty of time to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

  • Kids
  • Nature
Waterway type: 
  • Relaxing
Travel time: 
  • Week

Stop over destinations


The fortified town of Willemstad spoils its visitors with a special combination of historical and culinary hospitality with numerous nice restaurants. Particularly interesting in terms of cultural history: the Mauritshuis, the Koepelkerk, the old town hall and the fortifications surrounding the city. And challenging through the rugged landscape, for example around the Hollandsch Diep. The marina provides a perfect base for your cruise.


22 km
Already in the Middle Ages, the village of Middelharnis and the surrounding polders were secured with combined forces from the sea and was a base for fishermen for many centuries. Nowadays a cosy village with several shops, restaurants and terraces. On the southern bank of the Haringvliet we pass several bird breeding areas. Here, the "apparent flood" of the river has prevailed again for many years, and these areas offer nature lovers a beautiful view.


20 km
Today's destination is one of the larger villages in this true agricultural region of fields and farmlands, Oud-Beijerland.The river Spui meanders and creeps through the middle of the polders on both sides. After a pleasant ride, it brings us to a small and cosy harbour right in the centre. The smaller ships can be moored in the inner harbour, for the larger ships there is a passer-by mooring in front of the lock.


21 km
We take a trip to the old trading town of Dordrecht. Steep gables, canals, moats and beautifully restored medieval buildings amidst a lively bustle characterise this city, which flourished long before Amsterdam and was a hub of trade. And you can still see it! Dordrecht is perhaps one of the country's best-kept secrets. Where else would you find a city on an island full of culture, vibrant festivals, rugged nature and a rich past that you can still experience everywhere in the historic inner city.


28 km
Due to its beautiful location, the village offers numerous opportunities for relaxation and recreation. No wonder when you know that the village is just a stone's throw away from the Biesbosch National Park. An ideal place for holidaymakers who want to discover this nature reserve from the water. There are also several ways to discover the nature reserve on foot or by bike. The diversity of the landscape, where flora and fauna flourish and where you can spot special birds, is a true Valhalla for nature lovers and peace seekers.


17 km
Because the beautiful nature of the Biesbosch invites many people to stay longer, we choose a destination that is not too far away from all this beauty. Today, we cross the provincial border and land in Drimmelen. A beautiful and modern marina on the edge of the Biesbosch.


16 km
We moor in the small but cosy harbour of Strijen Sas. This small harbour is again on the island of Hoekse Waard and has a beautiful old lock ("Sas") where the small flat-bottomed boats used to transport all the agricultural goods from the polder. On our last day, it is only a modest distance home. So we have all the time we need to enjoy this last day of sailing at leisure.