Biesbosch / West-Brabant

This route takes you through the beautiful nature of the Biesbosch, but also introduces you to various old Brabant towns.
After leaving our modern home port, you set course eastwards and discover the first green contours of the “Biesbosch” nature reserve in just 2 hours. This area looks like a kind of mangrove, but with fresh water. Beavers, ospreys and countless other species of birds, fish and other animals can be found there. There is simply no escaping the beautiful nature here!

  • Nature
Waterway type: 
  • Relaxing
Travel time: 
  • Week

Stop over destinations


The fortified town of Willemstad spoils its visitors with a special combination of historical and culinary hospitality with numerous nice restaurants. Particularly interesting in terms of cultural history: the Mauritshuis, the Koepelkerk, the old town hall and the fortifications surrounding the city. And challenging through the rugged landscape, for example around the Hollandsch Diep. The marina provides a perfect base for your cruise.


35 km
Due to its beautiful location, the village offers numerous opportunities for relaxation and recreation. No wonder when you know that the village is just a stone's throw away from the Biesbosch National Park. An ideal place for holidaymakers who want to discover this nature reserve from the water. There are also several ways to discover the nature reserve on foot or by bike. The diversity of the landscape, where flora and fauna flourish and where you can spot special birds, is a true Valhalla for nature lovers and peace seekers.


24 km
For the typical "hospitality of Brabant", we are on our way to Heusden.Passing under the bridge in our own boat, we are surrounded by the historic inner harbour. Just like the home port of Willemstad, Heusden is an old fortress town, we imagine ourselves many centuries back in time. The fortress history of Heusden can be felt in almost every street and stone. Besides nice shops and nice restaurants and Fort Heusden there are also many art galleries. Climb the fortifications and spend a nice day.

's Hertogenbosch

16 km
Of the same calibre, but really big, is the beautiful city of 's-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch. Here, we moor in the middle of the old city and enjoy the many shops, terraces and restaurants. The famous "Bossche Bol", a real Bossche sweet delicacy, is a must with a cup of coffee!In 's-Hertogenbosch, there is much to do and experience. Because of its versatility, the city never disappoints anyone. Even children can enjoy themselves with all kinds of activities.
Den Bosch


32 km
Via the Afgedamde Maas we slowly wind our way towards the border with South Holland, but we just stay in this beautiful southern province. If you take a look at the map, you will immediately notice that Woudrichem is already the third "star town" on our route. This strategically located town was built in the shape of a star in the Middle Ages and today has this characteristic star shape on the water map!


25 km
We take a trip to the old trading town of Dordrecht. Steep gables, canals, moats and beautifully restored medieval buildings amidst a lively bustle characterise this city, which flourished long before Amsterdam and was a hub of trade. And you can still see it! Dordrecht is perhaps one of the country's best-kept secrets. Where else would you find a city on an island full of culture, vibrant festivals, rugged nature and a rich past that you can still experience everywhere in the historic inner city.


27 km
We stop in the cosy village of Numansdorp. A small village on the north side of Hollands Diep. This small village harbour is not far from Willemstad, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your last day at leisure. Take a long walk, a bike ride or find the cosy terrace of the restaurant located directly at the harbour.