City Trip from waters edge

Looking for a little more adventure? Do the keywords city, architecture, river and special vistas have your interest?
Then set out for this tour and discover the contrast between the authentic old city of Dordrecht and the now world-famous architectural highlights that can be seen in Rotterdam.
On the way along rivers, passing the windmills of Kinderdijk and the beautiful polder landscape of the Hoekse Waard you will certainly be kept entertained!

  • Culinary
  • Towns and cities
Waterway type: 
  • Adventurous
Travel time: 
  • Week

Stop over destinations


The fortified town of Willemstad spoils its visitors with a special combination of historical and culinary hospitality with numerous nice restaurants. Particularly interesting in terms of cultural history: the Mauritshuis, the Koepelkerk, the old town hall and the fortifications surrounding the city. And challenging through the rugged landscape, for example around the Hollandsch Diep. The marina provides a perfect base for your cruise.


27 km
We take a trip to the old trading town of Dordrecht. Steep gables, canals, moats and beautifully restored medieval buildings amidst a lively bustle characterise this city, which flourished long before Amsterdam and was a hub of trade. And you can still see it! Dordrecht is perhaps one of the country's best-kept secrets. Where else would you find a city on an island full of culture, vibrant festivals, rugged nature and a rich past that you can still experience everywhere in the historic inner city.


25 km
Via the Afgedamde Maas we slowly wind our way towards the border with South Holland, but we just stay in this beautiful southern province. If you take a look at the map, you will immediately notice that Woudrichem is already the third "star town" on our route. This strategically located town was built in the shape of a star in the Middle Ages and today has this characteristic star shape on the water map!


26 km
With 190 monuments, Vianen can truly call itself a monumental city. History can be found on every street corner, for example at the water pump in the Voorstraat, monumental buildings like the town hall and the Lekpoort. There are many walking opportunities! We can walk through the polder, along the river Lek , over the Diefdijk, through the Viaanse Bos and of course through the historical centre of Vianen.


52 km
What is not to be found in Rotterdam?! This well know place is not often visited by boaters, and that's a shame! A visit to this vribrant city is more than worth it. Close to the old Veerhaven, you can tie up in marina het Boerengat. After just a short walk you can not only enjoy a drink on one of the many terraces at the Oude Haven, but also watch the many traditional flatbottemed sailing barges that call this harbour home. On the adjoining traditional shipyard the boats are not only being maintained but also restored. This way they help kepping the nautical heritage of Rotterdam more than alive. Looking for some more "activity"? Then maybe visiting the Veerhaven in the old "Scheepvaartkwartier", or the maritime quarter, is certainly a treat. The fantastic historic floating harbourmasters office is certainly not to be missed. And many of the fantastic old building in this lively neighbourhood are home to cafes, bars, restaurants and other great places! Terraces will be overflowing until late at night during summer and are awaiting your visit!


24 km
The Rhoonse Grienden, just like the Carnisse Grienden and the Ridderkerkse Grienden, are so called freshwater tidal fields on the Oude Maas. These old fields lie outside the dike and are under the influence of the ebb and flow of the tide. Large parts of the area are flooded twice a day. As a result, the area has a special flora and fauna. Rhoon Castle in Rhoon is a fortified keep built in 1432 by the Van Duyvelantn family. The castle is located near the medieval village centre, including the village church and the house in Pendrecht.