Old cities and towns from Zeeland

The fact that Zeeland was one of the first provinces to accumulate its wealth from fishing and trade is still evident in many of the large and small towns.
While most people think they know this beautiful area mainly from the beach and the water, there is plenty to experience for those who also enjoy its culture, history and cosiness.
This time we would like to take you on a journey of discovery along several beautiful cities that Zeeland has to offer!

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The fortified town of Willemstad spoils its visitors with a special combination of historical and culinary hospitality with numerous nice restaurants. Particularly interesting in terms of cultural history: the Mauritshuis, the Koepelkerk, the old town hall and the fortifications surrounding the city. And challenging through the rugged landscape, for example around the Hollandsch Diep. The marina provides a perfect base for your cruise.

Sint Annaland

36 km
The tides determine the rhythm of Sint Annaland, as the village has a tidal harbour on the Krabbenkreek. It is thus directly connected to the Oosterschelde, the largest National Park of the Netherlands. The marina and its facilities are particularly popular thanks to its perfect location. The marina's special features are a public secret. Restaurant Buutengaets is located in the marina and enjoys a good reputation. You can enjoy fresh Oosterschelde lobster on the rare and beautiful outdoor terrace by the water. Outside the harbour you can drop anchor for a swim or enjoy the tranquillity of the Krabbenkreek. In short, this harbour is a wonderful starting point for the waters of Zeeland.
St Annaland


20 km
At the mouth of the Oosterschelde, it is a landmark for many: the blunt tower of Zierikzee. The long supply canal has a large floodgate at the end, which still protects the city from floods and storms. Zierikzee is a lively town, and the passer-by harbour is within shooting distance of many terraces, shops and restaurants. Of course, you can also enjoy the many "salty delicacies" here and many mussels or Oosterschelde lobsters are eaten.


32 km
From the Veerse Meer we can see the town with the characteristic silhouette of the Great Church from far away. From the water we enter the old harbour of Veere. Discover the labyrinth of streets and enjoy this living open-air museum. The walk through the fortifications is really worth it. The many terraces at the harbour invite you to enjoy a magnificent view over the Veerse Meer or the harbour.


7 km
This larger city is the capital of the province, and there is much more going on here. Not only is it a beautiful old fortified town, long before Amsterdam Middelburg was the commercial centre of the Northern Netherlands, but because of its central location there is now much to do and experience. Fun markets are regularly organised, such as an art, antiques and crafts market, an antique shop, a book market, a flea market and a night market. Visit one of the museums or take a guided tour of the city.


41 km
We land in the cradle of the Zealand oyster: Yerseke (pronounced "ierseke"). Even for those who are not necessarily culinary adepts, this place is absolutely worth a visit. The oyster museum and the explanation about the cultivation of this "salty gold" is fun for everyone. And if you are a fan of mussels, this port is of course an absolute "must". Salt and Zeeland really get their physical shape here!

De Heen

36 km
The small, cosy marina in the middle of the reeds of the province of Brabant offers a wonderful base. Walk along paths through the bird paradise of Dintelse Gorzen or view the rich nature from the bird house in this walking area. There is also much to discover in Beneden Sas. Take a guided tour of the historic lock complex or climb the 15-metre staircase that has been built near the bunker to experience the nature reserve from above. Afterwards, you can quench your hunger or thirst in the beautiful farm garden of the Beneden Sas restaurant.
De Heen